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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  September 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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the mac you never know that is entirely possible another reason to get him off the street. >> disturbing story to tell you about rocky river police are investigating the early rning shooting of a 27 -year-old woman by her own father fox news reporter jack shea joiningj us live it from at rocky river police headquarters with that story. >> gave unfortunately the 27 -year-old victim died earlier atea the hospital late today for father was charged with
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>> stamm new line please. >> rocky river police and paramedicsd rushed to a home on vine court early tuesday morning after the brother of 27 -year-old honey month sort reports that she has been shot twice in her bedroomyh her brother identifies the person who shot her as their father 63 -year-old gym all months or the sun told the dispatcher that your mom on sort is diabetic" he doesn't he's doing the shooting at the honey why her own father sent shockwaves through their own quiet neighborhood in the roman profile she lists her uncle preoccupation is a clinical pharmacist at universityal hospitals a spokesman says the 27 -year-old recently left the hospital her father was initially arrested on a charge of felonious assault but is not charged with murder.rr >> i was so shocked she seems like a very nice girl every
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:-)ee even the father he's a normal guy i didn't see anyen odd behavior or whatever from it. >> i don't know how you can do this to your own daughter or son this is crazy i'm sorry about that i don't know what happened with thatr this is very shocking. >> once again the 27 -year-old fairview hospital for 63 -year-old father is facing charges that include murdered baby is being held late this afternoon at a bond of $1.5 million a sad situation of rocky river jack shea life. >> only fox a cameras rolling this morning a as an indicted ashtabula sheriff's deputy appears in court for the first timers accused of assaulting two suspects a proxy peggya gallant was in ashtabula for the hearing and joins us live with what happened. >> we just learned that the
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giving sent very little during the brief hearing but did plead not guilty to all charges.t >> jefferson police body camera video showing a handcuffed suspect allegedly beingsp assaulted by sergeant james turk in the ashtabula sheriff's office in september 11 this morning' truck he made his first appearance in court facing felonious assault and falsifying a report he's accused of assaulting at their goal and eric platt after they were in cu suffered a concussion and a broken nose and injuries to his eyes officials that tell us apart required stitches the two were stopped after police pursued plano for allegedly speeding on his atv platt is also facing a felonious assault take charges of his
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>> sheriff's officials say he has filed a grievance to get his job back in truck is free and i a $10,000 bond he is due back in court same. >> the first presidential debateid now and the books and if you're looking to see who won the answer may be and who you support box eight tracy mccool joins us with the candidate's reaction tos last night's debate. >> high gave heading into lastn night's debate in new york the candidates were in a virtual dead heat in the polls with clinton holding a lead but with what transpired last night some say it is doubtful either candidate picked up any new supporters each candidate preaching what they had been preaching for months and alkaline with her plan to create more jobs and fight for social justicece trumpet with his calls of restoring law and order and go with doctor isis the highly anticipated debate was spirited to say the least at times of troublele up your to lose his cool buckle and remain composed even when
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saw the real donald trump a man who is a master at misdirection who avoids giving any solid answers from says moderator lester s holt but clinton off easy. >> he didn't ask her about the e-mails at all he didn't ask her about her scandal he didn't ask her about the benghazi deal that she destroyed he didn't ask her about a lot of things that she should've been asked about. >> i think his demeanor and temperament and his behavior on the stagen to be seen by everybody and people can draw their own conclusions. >> according to a c and n orc poll 62 percent believe quinn won the debate last night coming up at 430 we will talk to local college students about who they believe it was the winnerst will see what happens when both candidates meet again october 9 w in st. louis and. >> ends interesting how he kind of snub the> lester holt
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turned his back then goes back the kind of surprised me a little but anything surprising.ur >> not really but that part what lester holt did surprise me adi little bit you knew the debate was going to be really spirited but again the both of these candidates and now that they are still a lot of undecided voters out there they have a couple more debates to go.he >> we are learning the details about the drunkt driving arrest of browns defensive lineman of the bailey after sunday's game matt wright is live with bailey told police and what they found inside his truck. >> elizabeth the bailey told police he started drinking alcohol on the team flight back from miami sunday nightlc the browns are now looking into all of this and it may made the league aware of this incidentreh the browns offense failed to deliver a week in miami sunday but it's what happened after's the game that has a sense of offense of lemon almond bailey facing
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north royalton police say they clocked a daily going 50 and a 35 year along west 130 of the street your valley parkway around one monday morningng with an office or trailing police say bailey pulled his pickup into thep metroparks and pop pop picnic area where he parked across two spaces and got out to work on his truck suspension systems according to a police report t bailey first ignored commands from the officer seemed surprised and then said i didn't see you c he appeared to be bloodshot and glassy h expect they found marijuana inside the truck and that bailey failed to several field sobriety testthth reducedn a blood alcohol level of .147 nearly twice the legal limit he told officers he quote consumed several whiskey drinks on the plane ride home from the game in miami after the plane landed around 845 bailey said he continued drinking for several hours at the strongsville paninii h foxy
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team and lead roles for players to drink alcohol on the team plane and is subject to discipline browns executive vp of football operations/e brown and released a statement saying the team has quote spoken to alvin to express displeasure and extreme disappointment e this is a matter that must be taken very seriously. >> and i have requested more information from the browns about how a player would get alcohol on the team plane was also reache for common but have yet to hear back meanwhile he is scheduled tos appear in court thursday morning no word if the bailey will appear on the field sunday.w
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are back in the posterior season winning the central division now the city that cheered steep pay the monsters of the cavaliers into a title is being asked to rallys together as the tribe chases their own championship inib a year that didn't start so while the indians got hot in june wedding 14 straight games and seizing control of first place in the division they hold a wild celebration with the when the clinch the division ziglar very expensive champagne will want a situation what a feeling yesterday in detroit as the cleveland indians brought home the central division title for the first time in nine years you have to considerle what this team went through at the start of the year last year and they were picked to win the world series obviously they do make it ton the post's season this year not a lot of expectation
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a young team they had a lot of rookies they had guys that had experienced some starting rotation issues with picturest outfielder michael bradley only played a few gamess and guess what it all, dates with this team dealing control of the central division on june 4 and writing at all the it all the way to the central division titlele let's relive some of last nights right now and detroit from inside the
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in some little behind-the-scenes information for you from last night and michael michael brantley believe it or nightom spent at most of the celebration outside of the indians clubhouse just outside the doors i asked him if he wanted to speak he said noaned focus on the guys in the clubhouse job done however his teammates would not let him stand out there for longb they did bring him inside the clubhouse and that he too was drenched like everybody else and champagne but this team has been through so much with the starting rotation with the outfielders with the young guys a a lot of these guys making their first postseason appearance some of these guys have the experience of the minor leaguespo s with a certain teams but they were never aged to consume alcoholhe and things like that so this
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postseason baseball is like in major league baseball and nowow that they've tasted that champagne last night they said they're ready to taste it more . the future t >> north of the next couple games against detroit and casey am glad you mentioned that i'm curious to see what kind of line up for tito franconafo will try after tonight's game because they will party right into the nightttig i went to this day. >> they were partying late last night we'll see one that roster or the lineups on will be playing what positionl i expect them to enjoy tonight get some guys trying to get that type of top spot of the american league central.l. >> that makes last a lifetime. >> once again ohio playing a key role in presidential politics this time the possible first gentleman comes to cleveland a live report from where you'll be coming up it looks like something out of a science fiction movie but could it be a glimpse of our
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bold plans for the human race you heard his music and have probably seen has maybes that you can own a piece of rock 'n roll hall of famers as our collection and it doesn't get much better than less of the sunshine temperatures in the 70s and low humidity just a beautiful fall dayt that will continue for the rest t of the week and are we expecting this kind of weather from woolly bear 44 this sunday we had the answers ahead in your eight and great day in just a few
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>> is just a beautiful fall day some of the days we dream up here in northeast ohio we have some of thew beautiful fall days and today is one ofo them the only thing that maybe you don't careh for the wind at times gusting between 30 and 35 miles per hour but with a full-blown sunshine in temperature is at warming up nicely between 70 and 75 the majority of northeast ohio now because of the window small craft advisory in effect on the lake is been quite choppyhe but the begin to subside in terms of the wave heights throughgh the day tomorrow in addition to that it'll be accompanied by rain showers are starting about this time tomorrow 75 and lakefront and wins a sustained 50 ?-dash 25 but there are costs at times 30 ?-dash 35 he definitely feel it if- you're driving with a whole pile vehicles ori even driving along something like valleyview bridge and a car you canal feel that kind of turning this way you a little bit we have the temperature is in the 70s here upstream some 50s and even some 60s but go farther west and southwest we had 81 in st. louis and 88 kansas
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right now were in this dry slot which is a beautiful place to be geographically speaking now had this area of low pressure though be diving the south and east and affecting our area for several days it'll be sitting there andth then like spokes on a bicycle wheel and a counterclockwise fashion bringing us that unsettled weather starting tomorrow and it really lingering to the upcoming weekend ando you may be wondering what does it mean it'll affect the woolly bear festival will takect the here and just will stay mostly clear initially skies will become partly cloudy by tomorrow morning i do think the bus stop in for your rush hour it should be dry what happens between 10:00 a.m. and showers and start to curl and inspiring on the center of circulation and that will be the trend over the next several days even to your thursday there you go more showers and at times at moderate to heavy rain. >> will take a look at the rainfall to the next 24 hours o ain mainly f late morning toic
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now a lot less extreme eastern areas closer to pennsylvania but we're looking at areas that have a half an inch to te n inch by 8:00 p.m. tomorrow evening and depending where some of them spiral around us and could be approaching a an inch and a half ?-dash 2 inches by thursday evening at 8:00 p.m. tonight temperature is about 50 partly cloudy50 call still comfortable and we're looking at windsor dying down a little bit tomorrow clouds increasing of other high temperatures again on the coolers i've been looking at b mid-sixties showers developing late morning hours of stitch should sti for the bus stop on and off it showers through saturday including friday night footballou sunday 30 percent chance of a shower if there is anything it should be in thewee process of drying out it shouldn't be that bad make sure you still go out there is woolly bear 44 this yearbebe you might need ponchos while for modern love to modern art cap next david bowie's life was about much more than just
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and one of his passions and let's get ready for more screenso and my mysteries the hit fox show scream queens returns tonight and one story sharing some secrets. >> were only a few days away from dickwa goddard's 44th annual believer of festival for the bigig parade to the costumes and the woolly bear 500 is fun for the entire familyo join us you can find a full schedule of events on
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>> taking a live look outside right now a little windy out therewi today but boy what a gorgeous day the sun shining temperatures comfortable out therereus and enjoy it while you can before that rain moves on andil david bowie is best remembered for for his timeless musichi and even has acting but he alsoa loved art and now past and pieces from david bowie's art our collection are now on displaycece as other bees in manhattan and soon they'll be up for auction throughout his 50 year career the rock 'n roll hall of fameronou developea contemporary art collection inspired him to visitorsco can view bowie's collection of drawings and sculptures of photos and more bowie was especially fond of modern and contemporary british art. >> i think it's more to do with his wider interest in
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refers to one of the paintings in the sale the head of bureau by frank orbach t feedlot and in the morning and that would affect his mood and also he be inspired to try to make soundaf that reflected a way that painting made him feel.a >> he will be selling more than 350 items of the auction will be held november 10 and 11 in london0 . >> its back the fox were for his second season tonight so what can we expect to see this year adam housley e sat down with one of his stars and jamie lee curtis for a sneak peek nd. >> as someone is targeting the patience of the cure institute jamie lee curtis reprises t her role as being munched in the second season of fox's hit show scream queens instead of overseeing a college she'sea in charge of the bizarre hospital and a staff of unqualified doctors along with those
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>> welcome to scream queens two-point oh. >> jayme says the series has of all of the four this new chapter.sse >> it's a hybrid it's just a new hybrid it's a new wayt' of an apologizing some characters where as american horror story is same actors at different charactersrs the same actors, i mean, the same actors in the same a different settingth and that's just a new hybrid although she's been in her fair share of fight from the jamie admits to being square mesh in real life. >> i personally scare very easily and i know it's like really funny thing to say but that's of the absolute truth.
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actress it told us this season is a full circle moment for herdt if you remember halloween took place in a hospital the whole movie. >> so the horror trope of hospitals is long trodden and so i think there is obviously a lot and that there is a whole new killer on the loose i know exactly what i'm going to doth frightening fond of scream came to it tonight at 90) fox eight followed by fox eight news at 10:00 o'clocko. >> the first presidential debate had a lot of action but who actually won from supporters w is a he won while clinton fans believe that she did coming up next we'll get some unbiased answers up from local debate students to the person closest neighbors to be
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>> fall has arrived at least is starting to feel that way thanks for staying with usaa. >> emesis cooler temperatures on tap today butes what about tomorrow for the answer answer here's melissa. >> the cooler temperatures are still around tomorrow but the differences get the umbrellas ready because the rain will start here we go cranking up and on topwiwe of that it's not just one day we are talking several days in aa row it's a pattern we typically see during the transitional seasons and it's adu fall so this is what happens we around for definitely too long and at this point wefi are ready to push it out by this weekend at beautiful day if you look at here near lake erie obviously you don't see much voting to see a lot of whitecaps four times a day before ?-dash a 6 feetu that we are looking at temperature wise metro wide 75 lakefront those of low 70s comfortable temperatures i love how we had those cool overnights in the morning a little chilly maybe but thentl we will see these pitiful afternoons but wins today are racing around 30
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across the board lots of sunday's a couple of areas in the 60s akron canton@1 degree shy of 70 showers all around us we are in the beautiful dry slotll squeeze play action before more rain dives into and it'll be diving and getting closer fromr wisconsin's other like michigan and southern michigan an what will happen as well have a increasing clouds becoming partly cloudy dry early tomorrow morning at thehe bus stop so by the time you're driving home tomorrow kids are getting off the bus for the day that's w showers will be around here in northeast ohio rainfall amounts it really hard to say with the beams wrap around the somend areas could come out with aou quarter to half an inch of rain in some areas a lot less by 8:00 o'clock tomorrow tonight temperature is about 50/50 partly cloudy cloudsds increasing tomorrow morning become productive with the raindrops beginning to fall by begin to fall by late morning high tempsg er tomorrow still on the cool side in the mid- 60s your woolly bear forecast is coming up for this
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>> and thanks melissa we have breaking newsha into the box a newsroom where learning what caused the tragic deathh of a localgi high school football player of the weekend the medical examiner t said 17 -year-old euclid high school football players andre jackson died from. tinnitus which was caused by blunt impacts to his abdomen. tonight is as inflammation of the abdomens lining jackson was hurt during euclid's game against assaultt and last friday night he was w initially treated by the team 's medical staff at the stadium according to university hospitals he was center on friday and released a saturday morningic he was later brought back to the hospitalac on sunday where he passed away euclid school said friday's homecoming gamesh will be played as a schedule that much more on fox eight .-dot, and much more on this breaking news story on fox eight news at five. >> some colleges students will head to the polls for the first time s this year to vote in a presidential election one day after the most of your presidential debate in ouro
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students and educators are weighing and jennifer jordan joining us now with reaction.n. >> from the economy to national security to personal jabs of the students on the campus of case western reserve university gathered it to analyzer it last night's first presidential debate of 201616la organized by a case professor of the bipartisan group gave us for their take on the big showdown the internet roundtable discussion had students honing inle o the key topics of the debate including donald trumps suggestions two/taxes on corporations of from 35 ?-dash 15 percentior to hillary clinton fans on race relations in america and foreign-policy most participants of the postdebate forum that format felt claim had a stronger night o stating on most topics asc she was well-prepared outperforming trumpet and some even have an explanation as to why boths candidates are still neck and neck in the polls despite last night's
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there's ank good way to reach those voters i don't think anyone found a goodhi way that's one of the basic problems with campaigning the voters who are most persuadable are the hardest to reach she seemed a lot more organized and he perched off on tangents that didn't really have much to do with either the question or like what he was trying to say overall after the 90 minutes of debating students m candidates did an incredible job of not letting voters to oners side or the other while some are great trumpet a better job in the beginning of he lost the port they sayo when he began personally attacking secretary hillary clinton's. >> i felt like hisa gloves came off after she said she talked about his father and giving donald a $14 million it's like because he cameld out of the gave all trying to be presidential and a little soft but once the gloves came off i think they both got at each
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maven on the 40 or 45 minute markh. >> good tv though. >> will see what happens in the big number two and three. >> we all know how important ohio is in theow selection and once again it takes center stage in the presidential race this time a man who spent four years in the white the white house is trying to convince voters to give his wife the job in novembern c kevin freemn as light again academy with moreke. >> hello we expect former president bl half or so one of the reasons a season going to be here today is national voter registration day in as he mentioned with regimen academy all that you take a look here there is still have allowed people and they've started to come and they open thet door is a little bit early to let people andnd they had everything done inside a people to come in the former president is campaigning for his wife hillary clinton the purpose of his visit to cleveland is also
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vote political analysts say in order for hillary clinton when the buckeye state she needsa a heavy minority voter turnout especially african-american that could explain why president clinton's presence here todayi earlier today the former president was in toledo and here's why he believes his wife is the better choice over
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behind bars along with a fine of $2,500. >> part of theof fbi is looking back to sleep they could've done anything differently before this month's bombings in new york and new jerseyb james coleman told congress they will examine past contacts if they had with thess accused obama's father at mark, hobbies and dad said he told the fbi two years ago he believed his that he believed his son was a terroriste who said the fbi is fallible and what makes a mistake the agency will be openf people charged in protest and charlotte all the people face charges of obstructing traffic during demonstrations last night protesters have been taking to the h streets and lightly since keith is caps on killed byon officers one week ago more than 80 people have been arrested since then officials are warning that marching or demonstrating in the streets without a permit is illegalaltr a man rescued afr spending a week adrift as he
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anything carmen was taken to a hospital in boston today a freighter picked himta up off the coast of massachusetts on sunday he and his mother when fishing and went fishing and a 31-foot aluminum boat on september 18en they took on water and sinker carmen was able to use an inflatable raftoa 's mother is presumed dead carmen is in good condition the man who wants to bring electric cars into the world also has big plans for another planet here's lou magglio with this just in. >> there is a on this one if you thought what he did with the tesla was amazing and ambitious listen tog what he's doing this time elon musk is announced a plan to set up a permanent living conditions on mars with his company's face as he held a press conference today rebuilding plans to travel to and eventually colonize mars you can see elizabeth living up there one day she's thinking about it she likes thesh idea's real target was not some a government that he
4:40 pm
jobs apple pie presentation about this today he's already developing a new rocket testing it already aimed at carrying people to mars musk police all of that can happen soon enough within a generation t people have doubted him before they doubted he could do what he's done with teslad probably not too wise to doubt this guy is now a pretty smart guye . >> i think he is on the line of being a barely. >> barely but maybe that's what it takes to make these kind of changes in the world. jl >> yesterday the cavaliers played meet the press today is part time but it seems toa get back to work up snacks he lets us know what it would take theg cavaliers to defend their titleal more than just a package delivery man the special friendship he has it for the customers and how he begins each day with a smileor. >> just a beautiful shot of lake erieul definitely copy out there once have been very
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sun is shining at temperatures tofortable in the 70sto model a different story cooler and rain in the forecast how long will that linger in your
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>> by wetland to do more dancing i want people to see this guy i was when walking i swear >> that gorges a gorgeous day outside the sun shining temperature is a very comfortable out there that theyfo are a you afraid of bees and hornets he may want to look away or at least be thankful it didn't happen to you to renovating an old loft in london were shocked when they stumbled upon thised it's a huge one it's masked the hype is about three and a halfge feet wide even includes a tunnel the insects made to get in and out of that building an experts believe the nest had
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no thank you. >> do you have any horror stories from when you were w young. >> on just one of those people who screams loudlyly i'm hoping the decibels will tell them i don't know i can't tell what that. >> do you have any good stories as puma to something copies and hornets freak me outto p the volume a picnic tabe next thing you know were one start screaming i'm out of their. going on right now during the summer season to get some sweet like ice cream and lemonadeigduth there you go in e kids one hey what is that we are going to look outside really just a beautiful dayhawee did get to capture 130 in the afternoon and all the sunshine obviously you can see it really has been a windy day in many ways you can see from the trees wavering aroundca to the whitecaps of public area for driving along the shore away his pitiful yes of the wave
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we've had 60s it take over we had 80s almost 90 for a couple of days last weekw not the case this week unsettled pattern begins tomorrow and woolly bear 44 in vermillioneg this sunday hope to see youto there 73 or hopkins skyhawk airport in richmond heights was 70s southwest winds around 15 ?-dash 25 but i will tell yout you may say i don't know it seems when the resin that there are gusts reaching about 30 ?-dash 35 miles per hour 59 of annapolis 60s we had to 70s there to 80 in kansas aid in kansas city and 81 in st. louisis and initial front that came through yesterday and now wenn are just and thus dry spot mississippi dry spot really is a beautiful place to be locatedd with the temperatures with the sunshine but unfortunately we have this on the way it'll bring unsettled weather starting tomorrow late morning and it threw basically the entire upcoming week in the best chance of getting dry slots will be on woolly bears sunday
4:47 pm
out mostly clear skies becoming partly cloudy than we are looking at showers are writing mainly between 10:00 a.m. and noon and then some swath of brain here and there h kind of curling around the actual center of circulation in the c vortex of that lowrt will hang on to hire with valley for several days in a rowii which means unsettled weather with clouds may be a break of sun and on offering showersd for an entire standard we are looking at rainfall amounts a half ann inch to an inch tomorrow some areas a lot less to be eased especially central areas in western kind of encompasses of the entire area and ik some could be approaching 2 inches of rainfall by thursday 8:00 o'clock and 48 hours from now 50 tonight partly cloudy definitely a comfortable one out there keep the windows open by about three or four in the morning you may say it was chilly out thererereou and extra cover may hold help at mid-sixties tomorrowt clouds increase quickly showers develop so by the time you're at lunchtime recess time and kids are r heading home and of course you thereafter the showers will definitely be
4:48 pm
footballor human as we go through sunday woolly bears and a 30 percent chance of the shower otherwise partly cloudyun definitely will be in the process of moving out you have ag better chance of getting drier conditions and of course we are hoping for all dry a conditions for woolly bears sunday beautiful weather prevails monday tuesday into wednesday of next week nd five dry friday night touchdowns we are bound tove get a little bit of rain it usually happens. >> while the indians and revel inev their central division championship the city's world champs are back to work its day one of training camp for the cabsbs t john college joinss now with more. >> the team had already spent part of last week in santa barbara california for a little bit of a minicamp a today with the first day of tires o lose a training camp or remember a yearar ago at this time david blatt was the head coach he was running the show so after the relaxed occasion that was the cavaliers of media day on monday cabs it will be grinding this week at that facility and a dependence
4:49 pm
qqpepe this sunday so look forwd to that but many guys on the team certainlyt remember the thrill of clinching game seven of g the nba finals in oakland and of course of having the team come back to tom tyler knew talking about what he expects it from from his team this yearlal and what they can continue to build onnd. >> their preaching the whole half of last season which is trust sacrifice sharing a basketball they pass the ball when the guys open and operating did a great job of the second half of the seasons coming into the season just want to be continue to get other. >> that is the key because there's so much competition around the nba the team also announcing today that larry drew long-time assistant now the associate head coach on tyler's staffo and it would you join us tonight at six lebron james is talking about a certain baseball team in townwn that's done quite well lately i saw a lot of videos going around social media yesterday of the poppa shot contest they
4:50 pm
difficult to beat the guy repeat him actually we had something on the news yesterday about the impacttad kevin love it dropped i think he lost by 1183 ?-dash 182 since i read it to the best of him. >> you can bjp he's good at everything. >> bring it on bring it on s delivering packages can be a bit boringpa going to the same places every day you heard about jp i jt i know he heard it but for one deliveryman at least and a smile to me cap next the special bond between a ups driver t and one of his customers are coming up at five euros from lebron james about the recent string of silent protests and whether or not he'll stand for the
4:53 pm
i got to drive on the brand-new inner belt bridge at my car love that it was so smooth and my tires so carefree why do we always call our cars by female names mine
4:54 pm
your car. >> no i don't and i don't know f i would be racking my brain about this can be like buford. >> that's a male name right. >> you don't like it i don't think you are perplexed. >> will package delivery drivers are usually assigned to the same as every dayay so they can get more familiar with getting around the neighborhood the macg from taking the same streets at one driver begins his day with a special >> it's you see every day for theor past eight years at michael begins his at ups deliveries by taking a phone call from asher schmitz are the 14 -year-old boy has autismar and struck up a friendship with michael when he won the package was delivered to his home sometimes when there isge a package for azure's family michaels invited inside says he doesn't mind taking time to
4:55 pm
to put myself in his issues and his family shoes andf all ofoe that and say hey it's not really that big a deal to take a phone call or do a little bit of extraal so why not do it. >> whether it's a getting a package or the neighbors getting a packageit or just being mike is enough of a buzz for him that he keeps him goinge what a great guy but even when that there isn't a delivery for asher or his neighbors and michaels tries to stop by to see him were at the very least a hunk when he drives by the thing to do it for fouronen lou maglio ad tracy magglio and tracy mccool to see what's coming up at 5:00 o'clock the mac a at gamesd elizabeth coming up today at fiveda what a new study reveals about how much of an impact to many video games has on your child's life and how it may affect them as an adult. >> we are here today because there's something in the air in clevelandnd romance burning tires desperation high school
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the browns a search for a
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>> good afternoon that we begin with breaking news at this hour we a are learning what caused of the tragic death of
4:59 pm
cuyahoga county medical examiner says a 17 -year-old euclid high school football player 17 -year-old andre jackson died from peritonitis which was caused by blunt impact to his abdomen. tinnitus is inflammation of the abdomen sliming jackson was hurt during the game against its will andwa must friday night he was initially treated by the team medical staff at the stadium meit accorg to university hospitals he was then brought to you a crucial med released saturday morning at euclidda school said friday's homecoming game and will be played and scheduled 27 -year-old woman is dead and now rocky river police are trying to figure out why the women's 63 -year-old father pull the trigger it is baffling at this pointwpu jack shea is life from rocky river police headquarters jacket what else can you tell us about this.oc h >> lou and tracy unfortunately the 27 -year-old victim died earlier today her 63 -year-old
5:00 pm
>> rocky river police and paramedicsol rushed to a home on buying quarterly tuesday morning after the brother of 27 -year-old 20 months or reports that she's been shot twice in her bedroom m. >> to honey months or as a brother identifies the person who shot her as their father 63 -year-old jamar months or mr. months where we need to know what that done as police officers on the way need to do with it and the gun as an who has it. rsay >> its downstairs on my god where's the gun downstairs in the living room i think the shooting up to honey months or by her own father sent shock waves into this quiet rocky river neighborhood in her online profile honey listv for patient as a clinical pharmacist at university


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